Affordable, convenient training at your desktop.
Software can only enhance your business operations if the user knows how to use it properly. We’ve partnered with BrainStorm Inc.® to help give your team the power training tools they need to create a more productive, creative, and knowledgeable workplace.

On average, end-users use only 13 percent of the features in any software tool. This means workers are less productive and the software investment is wasted.

End-User Training from BrainStorm can help users begin to use and understand the most powerful features of their software contained in that unused 87 percent. This, in turn, can help those users increase their productivity, which ultimately makes any software purchase worthwhile.

Whether you’re deploying a new version of Microsoft Office®, or looking to get your users up to speed on their current applications, BrainStorm QuickHelp™ is key to increasing productivity. This video-based, training add-in is easy to consume, even easier-to-deploy because it’s accessible at any time right from the Ribbon in Microsoft Office. Your users get the training they need right where and when they need it, allowing them to do better work, faster. It couldn’t be any more convenient!
BrainStorm Benefits:

  • Accessible from the Ribbon right in Microsoft Office or via a web browser
  • Easy-to-use search, play-lists, favorites and history
  • Hours of short, see-and-do video training clips
  • Available for both Office 2010 and 2007

And if video training from the Ribbon wasn’t enough, QuickHelp is jam-packed with additional resources including printable step-by-step instructions, evolving training content to ensure all your latest and greatest questions get answered, customizable content and so much more.

QuickHelp is offered in an easy-to-manage annual subscription-based model and starts at just a few dollars per user. Contact Resourceware today (405.602.0073) for a free QuickHelp trial.