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Remote Services

Our interactive remote services securely takes control of your computer “while you wait.” This will help us determine the source of an IT problem, troubleshoot and resolve support issues or perform proactive IT services.

By initiating a Remote Services session:

  • You agree to grant us access to your system.
  • You agree to abide by the terms set forth in our “Master Service Agreement.”
  • You understand that this Remote Services session will incur a minimum one-quarter (¼) hour charge, and is billable in one-quarter (¼) hour increments at the current, applicable service grade rate.
  • You represent yourself as an individual within your organization who has the authority to incur an expense on behalf of your organization.
  • You understand Resourceware may, at its own discretion, escalate the incident serviced in this Remote Services session to an On-Site Service should it become impractical or futile to continue the session.

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