Malee, the Oklahoma City Zoo’s baby elephant, just celebrated her first birthday with a party fit for a king of the jungle. (Don’t tell the lions.)

The public was invited to attend this pachyderm party and hundreds showed up to sing Happy Birthday. Flanked by mama Asha, Malee and fellow elephants Chandra and newest addition, Rex, were treated to a special birthday cake topped with edible flowers, carrots, Jell-O, yogurt and fresh fruit.

Since her birth on April 15, 2011, Malee has quickly become one of the favorite attractions at the zoo. Though she already weighs 1,170 pounds, normal for an Asian elephant, Malee is reported to be “high strung” and “crazy,” bounding around the habitat, often trying to make it to the fence line before mama Asha nudges her away.

During her first year at the zoo, Malee has been a busy baby. In addition to mimicking typical elephant behavior like drinking from her trunk and learning how to take a dust bath, staffers have also taught her sophisticated signs including presenting her feet and ears for inspection. Malee currently knows over 20 commands. By the time she’s an adult, she could weigh approximately 7,000 pounds and know 60 – 65 commands.

Malee and friends are located in the newly developed elephant habitat stretching 9.5 acres in the southeast corner of the zoo behind Great Escape. It’s a beautiful habitat and we’re proud to support the Oklahoma City Zoo and recommend a visit to see Malee as our “It” Adventure this week.

Check out the Events Calendar on The Oklahoma City Zoo website for more coming attractions including the Ostrich Egg Breakfast on May 12th and the 2012 Blaze Through The Zoo on May 19th benefitting the Limbs For Life Foundation with a 5k run and one-mile fun walk.

Leave us a comment on what you or your kids like the most about the zoo and you’ll be registered to win a zoo pass for four. (Winners must come by our offices at Perimeter Center during business hours to pick them up. Winner picked randomly from all entries on Friday, April 27th. You may get extra entries by sharing this on Facebook or Twitter) Good luck!

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