In this blog post we want to tell you about our first “IT” Technology app of the week, Wireshark.

Computer hacking has become a sophisticated business and malicious attackers are constantly stepping up their game. Companies that take a reactive approach to their network, only addressing concerns as they arise, are setting themselves up for big trouble later on. To stay one step ahead of the bad guys and network shenanigans in general, IT gurus recommend using a network analyzer like Wireshark.

Wireshark has been getting a lot of attention lately including PC Magazine – Editor’s Choice. It’s FREE, relatively easy to decipher and offers a graphic interface with color-coded “severity level” alerts.

The latest release, Wireshark 1.8, is available for Windows, Mac and now comes in a portable version from Portable Apps that can be used via USB device.

Wireshark allows a company’s IT team, or the home user with above-average understanding of networking, to capture packets of information that can be analyzed to review system functionality. As mentioned, the program’s color-coded severity level alerts make it easier to hone in on problems that need to be addressed immediately.

At a glance, users can breathe a sigh of relief at “gray-colored” workflow denoting normal activity or spring in to action when colors turn yellow or red meaning critical warnings and errors.

To download Wireshark, learn more about the specific functions, where to find training, certification or read about the annual Wireshark meet-n-greet (Sharkfest ’12) visit the website,


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