Even though it’s located northeast of OKC, with summer road-tripping in mind we’ve named POPS restaurant and soda shop our “IT” Place  of the week. If you’ve been to this iconic spot, we’d love for you to comment and tell us about your favorite soda, shake or other menu item! 

It’s mid-summer in Oklahoma and the temperature is scorching. A recent string of 100 degree temps has turned lush lawns in to crispy yard-carpet and sidewalks in to concrete stove tops. As the final weeks of summer draw to a close, parents are looking for cool activities that won’t break the bank, since the bank will soon be depleted by all those school supplies. For one last summer hurrah, pack the family in to the car, crank up the AC and announce, “road trip,” then head toward POPS.

Image via "Driving Route 66"

Located on historic Route 66, POPS motto is, “Food Fuel and Fizz.” A combination gas station, convenience store and restaurant, POPS is a destination that cannot be missed. Literally. A 66-foot soda pop bottle, complete with straw, rises to the sky as a beacon to thirsty travelers. Waiting to quench that thirst, almost 600 sodas and beverages of every imaginable flavor and color. 65 varieties in all, chosen from around the world. At night, the soda bottle structure turns from steel sentry to party as thousands of LED lights illuminate the sky.

If the heat has you craving something cold and creamy rather than fizzy, POPS offers traditional shakes like Cookies n Cream to Caramel (and 8 other signature flavors) plus 45 flavors of ice cream to choose from. A full lunch and dinner menu is available including dessert. Weekend visitors be sure to arrive early for breakfast.

Need something to look at while you eat? Inside, POPS boasts 6 plasma screen TVs and of course that glowing wall of soda. Or, sit at a window table or booth and look outside at the beautiful Deep Fork River Valley.

If you want more information about POPS, visit their website. While you’re there you can see pictures, videos, receive “door-to-door” directions on how to get there, download the menu and take a soda “flavor tour.” The place is so much fun, even the website makes a fizzy noise!

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