If you want to accelerate your career growth, you need to stop thinking about the “Day One” stuff. Instead, think about “Year One and Beyond.”

For example, take this talent search we’re now working on. We’re looking for IT professionals that will help us become as big as our dreams. As a result, you will, too! That’s the stuff that’s beyond “Year One.”

If you’re interested, here’s what “Year One” is all about. For an above-average IT professional, this is the stuff of dreams —getting out of a cubicle, meeting people and making a difference.

  • Working in different networks every week instead of the same ol’ stuff all the time.
  • Maintaining clients’ networks running their best, like fine engines in high-performance cars.
  • Educating and guiding clients through what they don’t know they don’t know.
  • Exploring new technologies and wowing clients with their application.
  • Playing the part of the “hero” when things go awry; swoosh in, save the day!

Realistically, we are looking for individuals with some experience (some days, we deal with some mundane IT stuff; other days, with problems that stump even the largest hardware and software vendors!), so IT certifications would add a lot of credibility… maybe you know your stuff and need some help obtaining the certifications?  Most important is a hands-on understanding of what Information Technology is about, often down to the ones-and-zeros. If you pull all this off, all clients you’ll be working with will shower you with accolades as you help their business prosper.

While this is all “Year One and Beyond” stuff, “Day One” is pretty good, too. There are things like the compensation, the company, the people, the benefits, and the flexible work schedule. However, none of this matters unless “Year One and Beyond” makes career sense to you.

If you can accomplish the above, you’ve got what it takes. Realistically, you need to have some experience to be able to accelerate your effectiveness and impact. If you have it, you know why. If you don’t, ask someone who does, and if they think you can do the work, or they’ll help you through it, let’s talk anyway.

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If you are interested in a challenging, meaningful career as a part of our team, please send us your resume and earning history via:
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